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  • 3 Chapters
  • RBJ Foundation Inc. Youth Ambassador Certification 
  •  Critical Thinking Questions
  • Process Videos
  • PDF Process Worksheets
  • Writing Activities

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You will learn how to develop the mindset needed to achieve your goals and dreams. This course provides information that guarantees your success, but it first takes taking action right now! Finish this course, that way you could impact youth in 93+ countries to do the same. They want to hear from you;  today. 

Youth Ambassador

Following completion of this course, you'll automatically become an Ambassador for The Ronald A. Burgess Jr. Foundation Inc.  
Meet the instructor

Ronald A. Burgess Jr. 

Ronald A. Burgess Jr. is the CEO and Founder of the Ronald A. Burgess Jr. Foundation Inc. out of Worcester, MA. Also a motivational speaker for one of Americas largest motivational speaking labels Motiversity. As a powerful motivational speaker, Ronald empowers youth and teens all over the world thorough using motivational strategies, resources and skills to motivate youth to "take action." With experience in the substance use-disorders and mental health field, Ronald promotes youth development, self-care and resilience Strengthening. 
Patrick Jones - Course author
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